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Rules & Terms

1.English subtitles are required for all non-English films.

2.Films must be original, and we cannot assume responsibility for your content if you lack the necessary permissions to use it.

3.All submissions must be made through

4.If your work is selected, you are responsible for providing your own trailers and movie posters.

5.The festival reserves the right to cancel the event without prior notice.

6.The festival reserves the right to make any necessary changes to regulations or scheduling.

7.Filmmakers are welcome to submit multiple films, each with a separate entry fee.

8.Submitted materials will not be returned.

9.All fees are non-refundable, and ticket sales are final.

*Film Screening Policy**

**1. Acceptance Criteria**

a. All film submissions to our festival will be reviewed by our selection committee. Films will be judged based on their artistic merit, storytelling quality, technical excellence, and alignment with the festival's theme or objectives.

**2. Acceptance Notification**

a. Once a film is accepted for our festival, the filmmaker or submitter will receive an official acceptance notification.

**3. Submission Deadline**

a. To ensure proper scheduling and screening of accepted films, all necessary materials, including exhibition copies, must be received by the festival organizers by a specified deadline.

b. Films that do not meet the submission deadline may not be scheduled for screening during the festival.

4. Scheduling and Screening

a. The scheduling of films is contingent upon the timely receipt of all necessary materials, including exhibition copies. Failure to submit these materials by the specified deadline may result in the film not being scheduled for screening during the festival.

b. While we make every effort to accommodate all accepted films, our ability to screen them relies on the timely submission of materials to ensure a seamless festival experience.

5. Communication

a. In the event that an accepted film cannot be scheduled for screening or if materials are not received by the specified deadline, the festival organizers will promptly communicate this decision to the filmmaker or submitter.

6. Refund Policy

a. If a film is not screened during the festival due to failure to meet the submission deadline, the submission fee will not be refunded.

7. Festival Discretion**

a. Our festival reserves the right to make scheduling decisions based on its best judgment and the overall festival experience for attendees.

**9. Questions and Concerns**

a. Filmmakers or submitters with questions or concerns about the screening status of their film are encouraged to reach out to the festival organizers for clarification.

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